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Ten Years Younger By Meditating?

There are many scientific studies that show meditation increases circulating levels of the youth hormone DHEAS and lowers the stress hormone Cortisol.

I found one study on pub med that showed this effect and indicated it was independent of diet and exercise habits. You can find the study here.
Too much Cortisol ages your physical body and DHEAS keeps you young. Take time to meditate or visualize your intentions.

Eat Less Using Your Imagination?

The results are in! An interesting study shows that if you imagine eating a certain food, you will want to eat LESS of it! That seems counter intuitive. One would think that imagining eating something would make a person want more of it, but it seems to have the opposite effect.
The link to the 2010 study is here.
Here’s a quote:
Five experiments showed that people who repeatedly imagined eating a food (such as cheese) many times subsequently consumed less of the imagined food than did people who repeatedly imagined eating that food fewer times, imagined eating a different food (such as candy), or did not imagine eating a food. They did so because they desired to eat it less, not because they considered it less palatable. These results suggest that mental representation alone can engender habituation to a stimulus.

More evidence that shows imagining something is like actually doing it!