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Reverse Aging With Your Mind

Ellen Langer’s Counterclockwise book and study have been making the news recently. She is a Harvard psychology professor and an highly acclaimed award winning social scientist. She’s famous for a lot of things, however the counterclockwise study is really interesting because it shows we can reverse aging with our minds.

According to, Langer draws on her 30 years of pioneering mind-body research, including her 1979 “Counterclockwise” study in which eight elderly men lived in a residential retreat that recreated the social-physical environment of 1959. After one week sequestered in this virtual 20-year journey back in time, all eight participants showed marked improvements in their hearing, memory, dexterity, appetite, and general well-being. They even looked younger to outside observers who saw photos of them before and after the experiment.

Here’s youtube clip you may like:

“Notice new things,” she says and you will become engaged and enjoy many benefits in health and happiness.
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Order Something From The Universe

Some of you have probably heard of the concept of “Cosmic Ordering”. DailyNudge has created a catalog of things you can “order” from the Universe. The concept is simple: Ask and you shall receive. The site is completely free of charge and allows you to browse a catalog of things to order. You can choose new love, money, health, contact with a long lost relative, etc.
You can get to the site by clicking here.
Check it out and post your results here or on social media. Spread the word!

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old antique type store