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Order Something From The Universe

Some of you have probably heard of the concept of “Cosmic Ordering”. DailyNudge has created a catalog of things you can “order” from the Universe. The concept is simple: Ask and you shall receive. The site is completely free of charge and allows you to browse a catalog of things to order. You can choose new love, money, health, contact with a long lost relative, etc.
You can get to the site by clicking here.
Check it out and post your results here or on social media. Spread the word!

old antique type store
old antique type store

Your Stressful Job Is Aging You

It’s official, your stressful job is aging you prematurely. Evidence shows that those in stressful jobs are exhibiting shortened telomeres.

You can read about it here:Job Stress Linked With Shorter Telomeres, Which Could Speed Up Aging

Shortened telomeres are linked with aging and disease.

One way to counteract stress and shortened telomeres? Meditation!

You can find the below study here.

Understanding the malleable determinants of cellular aging is critical to understanding human longevity. Telomeres may provide a pathway for exploring this question. Telomeres are the protective caps at the ends of chromosomes. The length of telomeres offers insight into mitotic cell and possibly organismal longevity. Telomere length has now been linked to chronic stress exposure and depression. This raises the question of mechanism: How might cellular aging be modulated by psychological functioning? We consider two psychological processes or states that are in opposition to one another-threat cognition and mindfulness-and their effects on cellular aging. Psychological stress cognitions, particularly appraisals of threat and ruminative thoughts, can lead to prolonged states of reactivity. In contrast, mindfulness meditation techniques appear to shift cognitive appraisals from threat to challenge, decrease ruminative thought, and reduce stress arousal. Mindfulness may also directly increase positive arousal states. We review data linking telomere length to cognitive stress and stress arousal and present new data linking cognitive appraisal to telomere length. Given the pattern of associations revealed so far, we propose that some forms of meditation may have salutary effects on telomere length by reducing cognitive stress and stress arousal and increasing positive states of mind and hormonal factors that may promote telomere maintenance. Aspects of this model are currently being tested in ongoing trials of mindfulness meditation.

Accelerate Manifesting and Visualization with Lucid Dreaming

There’s one surefire way to accelerate your results with visualization, manifesting or intention training. In your sleep!
You’ve probably heard of lucid dreaming. You may not know that you can have this experience yourself. Imagine an alternate reality in which you control everything. Words can not really do this idea justice. For example, you may have an idea in your imagination of what that means, but until you have the experience you will not truly understand. The best I can say is that there is no difference between a lucid dream and a real life experience!
The most common way to experience this is to wake up around 3-4 am and stay up for a short while. Then go back to sleep with the intention to realize you’re dreaming while you are dreaming. It may take a few tries, but you’ll get it soon enough.
Carlos Castaneda made it popular in the 70s through his books. He recommended looking for your hands in the dream as a signal you are dreaming. Several times a day look at your hands and ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?” Do this enough and you’ll do it while you’re really dreaming.
While in this state, practice any of the techniques you practice in your waking life to change your reality. It will work like a charm with fast results in the dream world.

The Dan Plan — Be Anything You Want

The theory? Practice any skill for 10,000 hours to master it. One person took this to heart and is putting it to the test. You can read about him here.
Dan’s goal is to work on his golf skill for 10,000 hours and show how you can master anything. Don’t be limited by age, circumstances or ideas. You can be anything you want if you simply try.

Patanjali–The Secret, Old School

Many people have never heard of Patanjali, an indian sage who is credited with authoring the yoga sutras. The yoga sutras are a string of pithy statements that were committed to memory by aspirants and basically outlined the entire path to enlightenment step by step in a methodical way. Many call it the ‘science of yoga’.

Patanjali’s aphorisms are divided into 4 sections. The third section describes many powers that one develops along the path to enlightenment. In the Vibhuti Pada, Patanjali describes exactly how to acquire the strength of an elephant using your concentration. You can basically know or become anything by applying direct concentration in a specific way.
Patanjali was describing “the secret” many many centuries ago!