Beautiful Thinking E-Book Available!

This ebook outlines a simple program you can follow to activate your mind’s ability to influence your body chemistry to create a state of lasting health, youth and beauty. It’s a simple idea leveraging things we already know about the power of the mind to regulate our hormone levels, muscle performance and immune system. Everyone knows about Norman Cousins and the power of laughter. Everyone knows about the use of mental imagery by elite athletes. Did you know that practicing a skill and mentally lifting weights will make your muscles stronger? Did you know you can secrete more testosterone by certain visualizations? This book gives you simple ideas you can use everyday for a week to align your mind with your body. Try it!
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DailyNudge — Tools for Transformation is a website that provides a free affirmation reminder service. After you sign up you can send yourself regular (repeated) e-mails or text messages with your personal affirmation. Take frequent breaks during the day to become mindful and repeat your affirmations or visualizations. Be sure to provide feedback and check for updates often. Here’s a funny animation the creators of the site did for fun:


Welcome to the beautiful thinking now website.

The present moment offers opportunity for new beginnings. Beautiful Thinking means to be aware of the present moment and the consequences of our intention.

In this site we will explore ways to enhance our lives and live to our potential.

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